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Abaya Quarter cloche BEDOON ESSM  One-piece  - without  Tarha, closed with a pattern/Taktak -  U-shape neck opening, Korean silk fabric.  Main Color: Black** The abaya is cloche from the bottom, with an approximate width of 52 inches, and varies according to the size of the ..
200.00 ﷼
Ex Tax:173.91 ﷼
Double cloche shoulder abaya with pleats on the sleeves  A front-closed double cloche shoulder abaya with three patterns/TAKTAK with pleats on the sleeves - without Tarha.  Main Color: Black..
250.00 ﷼
Ex Tax:217.39 ﷼
W2  Double cloche shoulder abaya W2  Double cloche shoulder abaya
Abaya shoulder cloche BEDOON ESSM  One-piece  - without Tarha, with a Taktak closure - V-neck opening.  Main Color: Black..
450.00 ﷼
Ex Tax:391.30 ﷼
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